Read Along Blog - Fuck This Site, By Poonyum

Fuck This Site, By: Poonyum.

I have been aware for a while that the people running this site put their own egos before providing the site with quality features. The treatment of FAP is a clear example of this.

However, it is the clear pandering to the racist lowest common denominator, as shown in the Photoshop 51 parent image and winner, that is the final straw for me.

At best, racism is a simple shortcut to humor for the stupid and witless. In the "consequence" free environment of the internet it is inevitable that such open forums will attract the kind of fools who enjoy such "humor." But in specifically pandering to them, as the moderators of this site clearly are, I have to ask myself why I would continue to support such douchebaggery by A) submitting content to the site, and B) coming here at all.

So, with that, I answer my own question and head off to find greener pastures, and leave this internet short bus to those who insist on smearing shit all over the place.

Uploaded 03/07/2011
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