Read Along Blog - Princess Frog Intro Transcript

The Princess And The Frog

Evening star is shining bright,
So make a wish and hold on tight,
There's magic in the air tonight, 
And anything can happen.

 Just in that moment,
the ugly little frog 
 looked up with his sad,
round eyes and pleaded:
Oh, please, dear princess, 
Only a kiss from you
can break this terrible spell, 
that was inflicted on me
by a wicked witch. 

There comes my favorite part. 
And the beautiful princess
was so moved by his desperate plea, 
that she stooped down,
picked up the slippery creature, 
Leaned forward,
raised him to her lips,

and kissed that little frog. 
Than the frog was transformed
into a handsome prince.
They were married and lived
happily ever after.
The end.
Yay! Read it again, read it again!
Sorry Charlotte, it's time for us
to be headin' home.
Say good night, Tiana.

There is no way,
in this whole wide world ...

  I would ever, ever, ever I mean never
kiss a frog. Yuck!

Is that so?

Here comes your prince charming, Tia.
Come on, kiss.
- No!

Yes, Yes!

- Stop it!

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