real problems

Sometimes I get on my pedestal. Sometimes I rant and yell and scream and kick like a bitch. But most of the time, I really don't care about what I'm ranting about, as long as I get to rant.

   But now? Now, things are... Different. Something could be terribly wrong. Something horrible might be  happening, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it, and neither can you.

   Of course, I'm talking about the upcoming 2011 NFL season.

   It is looking more and more like there won't be one, and I'm pissed about it.

   The owners are a bunch of douchebags, and I don't like most of them,

   But am I the only one to think about the implications of having a gameless season? God, I hope not.

   This would mean that Drew Brees, still at what could arguably be called the pinnacle of his career, would have to take his immense talent, his generosity and his gigantic sense of responsibility to New Orleans, and sit on it for a whole fucking year.

   Admittedly, Drew is NOT like a lot of other NFL players. He's a great, humble man who does incredible things for his community. But he's who I focus on, because I am fortunate enough to live in New Orleans. If you've been here since the Saints won the Ring, you know what I'm talking about. Brees is superhuman in this city.

   But the point is, it doesn't matter if you like Brees or not... Even if (God Forbid) you used to be a Favre fan (My sympathies), you get what I'm talking about. Music. art, food- some of us like some of these things, and some of us really enjoy all of them. But in my experience, nothing brings people together like Football. God DAMMIT, I love this game.

   I really hope we get to watch some this season. I don't wanna have to watch reruns af Arena Football, on half a girly-field.

   I'm Blue-red, and I'm waiting on the sidelines.

Uploaded 05/20/2011
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