recognizable top bloggers..... well to me at least

Top rated blogs.


After reading a blog written by tomlet, I noticed he commented how neko jeans went into the top blogs area and one stared him to move his blog lower on the list.  This act of childish retaliation had me thinking, who is in the top rated blogs.  I was astounded first off by who has the most top rated blogs in the first 5 pages, out of bloggers I have seen since I started.

            First on the list of top bloggers that I know of was let me Dangle.  Dangle had at least one blog on each of the first five pages.  It doesnt surprise me; this blogger tends to have some funny material.  While I dont always get along with them, I do respect this bloggers tenacity, and position on top rated bloggers list.

            Next person I noticed was Tomlet himself.  This guys blogs are what keep me on this site.  Theyre raw, emotional, and real life.  To me its like reading a book, I can picture what is going on by his descriptions.  Kudos tomlet, even after Nekos childish attack you were still in the top five pages.

            Dawn thief was a stunning surprise.  I just recently went through the n and k mangas with my girl, both of us were really shocked to find something as interesting as that on this site.  It really had us captivated and we cant wait till more get posted.

            Major fat head was no surprise to be in the top 5 pages.  While my comments between myself and major fat head go between hostility and jovial once again they are another blogger I respect.  Some of this persons comment makes me laugh till I cry.  And other times the comments get under the skin.

            Hell I found one of my blogs on page 3.

            But who didnt I see in the top five pages, or the top 10 pages.  None other than mrsnekojeans.  Mrsnekojeans didnt even have a blog in the top 10 pages.  This is a person who to me epitomizes the words internet troll.  Especially since this person likes to comment about how shitty my blogs are.  Or makes personal attacks at me.  Due to that I have become openly hostile to his comments.  But in my last blog he called me and I quote You're a pale faggot.  Now this makes me laugh.  First I am not pale, I am moderately tan.  I happen to be part Native American so I keep my tan year round.  Also I am not a faggot.  Either the American meaning of a homosexual.  Or the English version of a cigarette.  


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