Red Note, A Tragedy

Born 2000, Red Note was the child of two proud parents, Harry and Paula Note. Named after Harry's favorite character from "That 70's Show", Red Foreman, it seemed the tale of Red would be a happy tale. However, always practicing the catholic religion and a church going family, Red found himself part of scandal in 2006 when he was repeatedly raped by the priests at his parish. Red tried to tell the judge that he had wanted to have sex with the priest but the judge said a 6 year old does not know what he wants in this crazy world. After Red was "molested" his father could no longer look at him.

Reds father became an alcoholic, crack head and would later go onto to kill himself and the family hamster Harriet. Harry was found naked in the bathtub with Harriet impaled on his erection. Both Harry and Harriet were found dead in the tub, man. Red was the frst to find them and this damaged the young man to a sickening point.

Red's grades began to drop, his mother tried so hard to get Red to do better in school but Red was to forgone. Any boy he sees his father naked, dead in a bathtub his a hamster on his penis, is due to grow up all sorts of fucked up. Red would spend his nights not doing homework but blogging and commenting on ebaumsworld. When his mother got hold of Red's comments and saw the language her son was using, she decided she could only try one thing, to kill Red.

One morning, Paula decided she would poison Red's chocolate milk which she would make for him every morning before school. Then as she was eating her slice of bacon, Paula went into a choking fit, unable to breathe or yell for help. She unknowingly downed Red's chocolate milk and died instantly. When Red woke up, he found his mother dead on the kitchen floor.

Since Red was an ugly looking bastard, the only woman who ever showed him an compassion was his mother. The girls at school in his 2nd grade class would call him disgusting and a monster looking of a person. The teachers were scared to look him in the eye for he was such a ugly kid. Red realized that his only chance at love would be with his mother. He did not call authorities and since his mother didnt have a job, nobody knew she was dead, until a week ago.

Red began having a sexual relationship with his dead mother and after seeing on television about how women could get pregnant, Red began to think that after having sex with his mother that he had gotten her pregnant. Silly Red.

Red took the family vechicle to the nearby hospital and dragged his mother into the emergency room. He told the lady his mother was pregnant as he dropped the corpse on the floor. Doctors and police then swept the room where they took the rotting corpse of Red's mother and after realizing this woman was pretty dead, the cremated her.

Red was placed in a foster home where he remains today. Most likely never to be adopted he spends his time on ebaumsworld and playing world of warcraft in between episodes of Hannah Montana. Red, a boy of such potential with a loving family, seems to have a life destined for tragedy.

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