Rednote and I

rednote67-1303748581.jpg rednote67 (Jun 01, 2011 11:24pm)   link.png thumb_down.pngthumb_up.png 0 Public image is irrelevant to music. It
IS relevant to sales, and I agree with
you. But keep in mind- most of the music
I like will never, ever be heard by the
majority of consumers. FuckyouIran-1305660538.jpg FuckyouIran (Jun 02, 2011 2:32am)   link.png thumb_down.pngthumb_up.png 0 Rednote, how does it feel when your
father shoves his erected man meat tube
up your poop crusted butt hole every
night? I hear you eat both the cum and
shit off his shaft.

rednote67-1303748581.jpg rednote67 (Jun 01, 2011 11:43pm)   link.png eye.pngcomment_add.png thumb_down.pngthumb_up.png 0 With sweeping generalizations like the ones
above, I'm truly surprised you're not a
Janitor? Let me know when you get back
Stateside, I'll buy you your first broom! FuckyouIran-1305660538.jpg FuckyouIran (Jun 02, 2011 2:23am) Too bad Child Care PA did it already.
Look it up fuck butt. Maybe when you're
done inbreeding with your sister Sally
you'll wake up. Maybe make a blues song
on how misinformed you are for spending
countless nights anal raping your family
and its pets.


If you like it, I'll make sure to post more in another blog.


- FuckyouIran

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