Reflections on a career in acting

I must confess at the outset that I have very limited (read absolutely none) experience with the acting profession. But that is not to say that I havnt known some great actors. Generally, I have called them girlfriends. I have seen girls turn in some Oscar worthy performances when telling me that they loved me. Or that they were having an orgasim.

However, in the professional world, it is my understanding that actors, unless they are in an improv troop, read scripts that are developed by writers, and try to sell the audience on the authenticity of the character. So to professionally aspire to do that for a living, aside from realising that you are most probably dedicating your life to bussing tables in West L.A., it would seem essential to work hard to hone your craft.

It would take something far short of a self actualized world view to beleive that repeatedly telling people to "shut your damn mouth," or to threaten to beat a score on a video game would serve as a form of preparation to break into the world of acting. Creating an internet persona that people hate can in no way prepare you to sell the world on a character that will be designed for you.

Instead, by being one of the largest douchebags in the ebaum world, you are merely serving to reinforce the knowledge amongst others that your attempts to entertain will only result in failure. Actors dont have to be that smart, but as with anything in life, there is a minimum requisite for sucess. Lunacy is rarely rewarded in any craft.

Uploaded 07/28/2008
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