Religion and Physics

Religion and the current state of modern physics are both at risk of being considered hoaxes by many people. Religion already is considered hocus pocus by many people, while at this time modern physics still enjoys world wide acceptance. As unbelievable as it might seem, modern physics is even more likely to fail before the idea of a God ever does. Let me try to explain. I'm obviously not very good at this, judging by my views, lack of comments and a general disdain for anyone who even considers the existence of God, but I'll try.

We all know that the existence of God will probably never be proven for or against. We can all live with that, it really doesn't matter in the end. You'll go to where ever you'll go to, no matter what you believe or how you lived your life. There are plenty of rewards here on Earth that can reward you if you are lucky enough to live is a free society. There is even more punishment for those who act like assholes, unfortunately life is not fair, so a lot of assholes get away with shit, while many good people suffer. It's been like that forever, it"s about time we just accept it and do what we can to help. Many will help, many more don't give a shit, It  is what it is. 

God or someone else wrote don't judge other people. This is meant in terms of what happens to their soul in the after life if by chance there is one. Which makes total sense, since there isn't anything we can do about it. There is nothing wrong with the idea of going to heaven and there is definitely nothing wrong with just dying and feeding the worms. It's all peaceful to me.  Personally, I can't fathom a hell, it could exist or it might be right here on earth, in a back alley addicted to drugs, starving to death in the Sudan or having a Mac truck swerve and kill your child. 

There is little doubt religion has done many wrongs and will continue to, but it's like "Guns don't kill people, people do" argument. Religion has been abused by bad people to attain certain goals, but it has also been used to help people when there was a need. A lot of people here at eBaums are younger and are probably unaware that religious institutions took on the brunt of healthcare, especially for poorer people. For a time and to a lesser degree today they have provided social services, guidance and emotional support to people who get fucked up.  Now we have, so called, "Professionals" who get highly paid and from what I'm seeing are not getting better results.  Their patients usually end up on powerful sedatives that can make them psycho.
Basically, religion good, religion bad, can't prove God exists at least not scientifically to this point. Is science to any large degree looking for the existence of God? Not that I'm aware of, besides I don't think we have any tools or even a model to try and prove it.  It really doesn't matter, life will go on and you'll live your life and die some day. 

Like religion, modern physics will not matter to the majority of us. Whether or not you can get your head around string theory, the big bang theory, black holes and dark matter, it will probably not make one iota of difference in your life or death.  Priests held their respect and value based on their understanding of God. Physicists now enjoy that same praise for their understanding of the universe. 

Like religion, modern physics has done a lot of good. It helps us understand our environment, manipulate it for the betterment of mankind and to advance our thinking. It has done a lot of bad as well, the development of nuclear weapons that had directly killed at least a hundred thousand people in Japan. It could be argued that the bomb actually saved lives because it ended the war sooner. Still a lot of dead people. Indirectly modern physics probably killed millions of others and with many more millions to come with cancer,  through projects like the Manhattan project, the Love Canal, Chernobyl, Fukushimadepleted uranium weaponry etc.

However, unlike religion it is highly probable that today's modern physics will be scientifically proven to be completely false and baseless. No more Big Bang theory, String theory, dark matter, black holes etc. They will all become completely worthless. You might as role Steven Hawking  over the edge of a cliff, his life's work totally destroyed. All the university courses, lectures, text books, billions in investment, intellectual discussions all relegated to the dust bin of history. All because thousands of scientist had "faith" that the "God particle" existed. Other wise known as Higgs Boson, it explained why atoms had mass and without it's discovery all of modern physics will be completely useless. 

The scientists around the world have definitely worked hard to find it, but like God, it remains totally elusive. This may cause some practical and social problems as scientist scramble to re-establish their legitimacy. Will some of them behave as some of the priesthood did  to cover up wrong doings? Will people in positions of power try to make up some type of evidence to keep the faith alive? We as human beings sure have provided lots of examples of that behaviour. 

Whether or not God or the God Particle exists, can any one here or practically anyone on this planet say it will make any difference in their lives? Of course not, most of us wouldn't even know where to begin when discussing these matters for which there is no proof in either subject.

If Higgs Boson does not exist, has the whole experiment been a huge waste of time? I don't think so as it has challenged man's mind, his well being, his creativity. And isn't that what life is really all about? What point is there for our intellect if we simply shut it down from possibilities? We might as well all be bread gobblers of the lowest common denominator  to sustain ourselves to some average age. 

Ignorance may be bliss, but lack of imagination is pure hell.


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