Religion and the Masses

    When I asked someone why they thought people were afraid of atheist they said that without religion there would be no morals. If your Excuse for believing in a imaginary person is that you fear the true nature of man I understand why you would be afraid, I understand that mankind in general is stupid and easily mislead, look at how many people believe in god. All these people trapped as sheep doing what they are told for fear of death. People know deep down there is no god, they are just afraid of the fact that it is true, and no one has any answers on what happens after you die, people don't want to accept it so they take shelter in false hopes of religion, a religion created to control the way you think and act. Remember way America broke away from England? The Gov't and Religion were one in the same. So America sought separation of church and state among other things. The sad truth is that Religion is just another form of gov't, taking peoples money and controlling their actions while peddling hope of security. Society now should be intelligent enough to reason that if the "gods" of the past like Zeus and Horus were false that there new popular god is most likely the same. If one takes a small amount of time to research the background of most modern religions they will find they they stem from one Egyptian god named Horus, stories such as Jesus Christ and Joseph in the old testament, the Hindu god Krishna Mithra and Odin are all based on the Horus God model. Horus was born of a miraculous birth and 3 wise men came to his birth guided by a star he was sacrificed for all mankind and he also had 12 disciples. So did Krishna and Mithra, All Three gods were set in history Long before the Story of Jesus, Horus 3000 B.C. and Krishna around 400 B.C. Jesus is a blatant copy of Krishna, Horus, Romulus,Dyonisis. He is also a Blatant copy of Joseph in the Old Testament both born of miraculous birth both betrayed by someone close to them Judas and Judah the Similarities are abundant yet no one takes the time to seek the truth. Jesus had 12 apostles and jospeh 12 brothers, but were betreyed for silver. Both became king. The truth is that Religion as a whole is False and the Idea of a God started Long Before your Modern Religions it is as False today as it was when people worshiped the Sun.

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