Religion - my views i believe? Tough Question. Either you believe or you dont believe and if you dont believe you believe that theres a higher power and thats what iv always thought...but now....I think that humans are the higher power.To me the bible just seems like a how to live your life book.Ive never read it so i cant say much about it but it just seems like a bunch of bullshit.I understand why we have religion.To keep us all in line and to give us a reason not to commit mass murder. People who believe in god believe that there is a heaven and if your good enough you get the vip pass. What i believe is, we make our own heaven, our minds are such a powerful thing. Everyone is different because of the things we experience and all that jazz.So I see it like if you believe something happens when you die, then it probably will. Nobody knows what happens.I dont believe nothing the fuck do you explain ghosts?Thats another thing, there was an episode of ghost hunters or something like that.The guy asked the ghost is anybody here? where are you? and they got the most clearest response ever.She said yes i'm here, where are you? And that made me think.What if spirits cant see us? Like when we die, we just continue doing what we do kind of like 50 first dates.And we can only see other ghosts but not living people.I wish there were a way to find out what happens when you die without actually dieing.And near death experiences dont cut it.I dont believe in those. Yes some cases are just unexplainable but every case is the same see your lost loved ones and its really bright and you happy? Its all in your head.Your mind can do ANYTHING....pretty much.Its pretty bitchin if i do say so myself.But anyways....If you can make me believe in god then you have accomplished something in your life.Its hard to believe in something that you cant see and has yet to be proven.nothing makes sense.Nothing at all. I hope when i die, John Candy & Bruce Lee are waiting for me with a huge steak and the movie, The Goonies. Would that not be cool?   Maybe a trampoline should be involved.

just maybe.

Uploaded 05/27/2008
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