Religion of the lost

so first things first.... dylan: mormon... nick: athiest... dakota(me): undecided....

this is what i got... the 3 of us guys were on the way home from a dance that dylan's church sends the kids to... nick and i go because we dylans friends and we don't want him being bored... but on the way home, in the car we stumbled upon the topic of religion... and i think i may have something... if i was to have my own religion... it would have guide lines... or ways to be a good person... you don't have to pray to a god... you don't have to be perfect... but you should try... don't kill, steal, lie, cause pain... you should also do good... help someone out... i heard a story of a man, from my dads friend on a trip to the indy 500 once... he said he'd gotten a flat tire in pooring down rain, and he was trying to change the flat, but no one would get into the other lane, but a man pulled up and said he would change the tire if my dad's friend would wave everyone into the other lane with the flashlight... so he agrees and the man fixes his flat, he offered to pay the man, he refused... he said that he only aks that whenever he saw someone on the road in the same position... that he stop and help. now tell me that isn't selfless... tell me that that isn't the guy you want driving down the road when your tire blows... or living next to you when you go out of town... i just want people to have a place to meet with other people so they have that support system that churches have. but not the awkwardness of a YMCA... well idk...  let me know your thoughts

Uploaded 05/27/2009
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