Ok my parents are both Catholic but i don't believe that makes me one. My mom says im destined for hell if i don't go to church but I think differently then my parents. Just because they believe in something doesnt mean I should.


God is a very touchy subject when it comes to peoples thoughts but heres my view. When I look at all the war, disease, starvation etc in the world it becomes very hard to believe in god. Many people will say that Man created those problems for himself but if god loves us why would he let us continue in this manner?

Then again, when I look at beautiful sunsets, the stars in the night sky, and all the good things in life it makes god sound a lot more reasonable. Many people say that if you believe in other gods you are going to hell, but this is how I see it.

God loves you for who you are no matter what you do. So, shouldn't he still love you if you choose to believe differently then he wants you to? I mean god couldnt possibley want Man to create so many problems for himself, and yet god still loves us.

Pls share your thoughts on the subject I'm interested to see what others are thinking and pls remember this is just my opinion :)

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