If some people really need some figment of their imagination to waggle a "divine" finger at them and say do it again and I will spank you, in order to inspire goodness of action, I shudder for mankind.   The fact that every religion follows the same story, Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad proves that these are all fabrications, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. If they are all messengers from God; one, how many does this "divine" being need. Two, if they all carry the word of god how come they have been killing each other since their inception. Three, if we all live according to a divine plan and all of this is as God wills it then how is their so much suffering in the world, if a being who has infinite power can sit idle and watch the world burn I call him cruel and certainly not a being to be worshiped.    In my eyes religion had its time when humanity was in awe of its own sentience and did not have the cognitive ability to explain the world we found ourselves in, so the phrase "God did it" became the accepted answer to each and every question about the world we inhabit. We have moved on so much as a species, do we really need to put our faith in establishments whose moral standards were founded when the four elements of the world were Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, the world was flat and people were persecuted if they did not believe in the correct religion.    This is not an attack on people of faith, this is a plea of reason. If you require faith, why not have faith in yourself and the people around you. If you want to do good things, why not do it out of kindness and compassion and not because a holy book tells you to do it. When you look at this and all you see is an "attack" on your religion and cannot see any sense in what I am saying, do not worry brother, for you are already lost. 
Uploaded 03/30/2012
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