Okay, you want me to show my true colors? I will. This is my real self addressing all of you.


I do not hate Christianity. I was raised a Christian and practically my whole family is Christian. I understand that people are individuals and many Christians keep their mouths shut when it comes to different things. Christians are stereotyped for being in your face, believe in my god zealots. That's what it is, a stereotype. I really don't think Christians are bad people, in fact, most the people I love are Christians.


Religion is a beautiful thing. It gives people hope in the midst of a crisis. Life is hard enough as it is. Though I still do not believe in that faith, I respect it for its history and its outcome. Belief in a god has gotten people through some hard times in their life. Who knows? I could be wrong about there being a god but no one will know until the day comes to meet (or not meet) your maker.


When my blogs come off strong, it's just my style of writing. Those of you who know me or who have PMed me know that I'm a pretty considerate person. I've helped several of you with relationship problem or family problems and I've been a friend to most of you. My writing may appear to be dramatic and bitchy but inside, I'm not. Being loud and straight-foward gets people's attention. I'm sorry if I offended some of you but I believe what I not so harsh of terms...and what you believe is what you believe. I'm all for having a conversation about it. Maybe you've thought of more than I have concerning your religion. I can always learn new things.


Anyway, I'm probably going to call it a night here soon. I figured leaving on a good note would be a nice way to go out.



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