Religious fanatics vs Athiests

Bible thumpers really piss me off!  I'm sick and tired of these people telling everyone else how they should live their lives! they say that the bible is proof that God exists and that everything in it is 100% true....I think not!  If I wrote that I shit gold bricks, would it be true?  Anyone who thinks they know the will of a devine being is pure ignorance! 

Let's just say (for the sake of arguement) that God does exist.  God would be to us as we are to Ameobas!  how in the hell could we ever possible truly comprehend what he wants or is planning? Plus, how do we know there is only one guy running the universe?  Worshipping a white bearded old man sitting on a cloud is just as logical as woshipping a six armed elephant that smokes dope and his mom!


And on the flip side of the coin, we have athiests.  Now at first I thought these guys were pretty open minded, but aparently, they're just as ignorant as any bible thumper!  Some people say there is no God because if there was, there wouldn't be so much suffering in the world.  Well, lets look at some facts

First, most of the suffering in the world is due to ourselves (war theft rape abuse etc)  Second, there are a lot of innocents in other countries starving to death, but we could easily help these people by sending them money, food and medication but we simply choose not to because it would disrupt our happy decident lifestyle. Thridly, lets look at life vs afterlife.  the afterlife was proven by Einstein when he proved that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  So the electrical signals in your brain must convert to some level of existance (Heaven Hell Reincarnation  who knows) our living life is but a tiny crumb compared the the 999 zillion years in the afterlife, so which would God be more focused on?


I think one thing everyone can agree on is you won't truly know until you're dead

Uploaded 05/10/2008
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