Religious T-Shirts-Quick Thought

So today I was just walking to my next class when I saw the back of someones t-shirt that had numerous crosses on it in an elegant fashion. Now was I offended? Of course not, everyone has the right to wear their beliefs proudly. But I got to thinking, what would happen if I walked into class with a an Atheist "A" printed on my shirt with the word "Atheist" written across the back side of the shirt. Now on my perfect world, my peers would respect my opinion and not even think to make a big deal of the shirt. But something in the back of my mind wants to say that is not what would happen. I feel like many may at the most harass me and at the least just completely ignore me. Which is completely asinine because that totally goes against the American way of life of not being judged based on your way of life. What do you think would happen if you wore this Atheist shirt to your school or some public place? Or better yet, how would you react? Please comment below and let me know, I'm extremely curious to hear more opinions. 
Uploaded 04/02/2012
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