Remember Bill Ayers?

Since November 4th, everyone has stopped talking about Bill Ayers and Joe the Plumber.  After all, they were never really important to people in their own right, but just political fodder for negative attacks.


One of the main differences between these two men was that during the campaign, one was not afriad to talk to the press.  JTP was on the road with McCain, talking at press confrences, and became a sort of spokesman for the campaign.


Bill Ayers on the other hand remained totally silent, in terms of speaking out in the media, even on his own behalf.  Reporters were contacting him everyday wanting him to give his take on his name being thrown arount by the likes of Palin and McCain.  But now that it's over, Ayers has given his first interview.  I heard this interview yesterday while I was eating lunch.  It's on NPR's Fresh Air and they discuss how he felt having his name being used as a cuss word during the election, they talk about why he remained silent.  Eventually he discusses his actions in the 60's and how he's reformed since then and what he has accomplished in Chicago.


I'm not saying Ayers is a good person, but as often as his name was used for political rethoric for the past several months, you should listen to this interview and hear the man speak for himself, in his own voice.

Here's the interview:


After you listen to it, please post a comment telling what do you think.  Please don't leave a comment unless you actually listen to the interview.

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