Ok so one day my family and i went to a local resteraunt. My dad my grandfather and i went outside to stand while the ladis paid. I had a super ball and was bouncing it around when my dad said "let me see that". I gave it to him and he bounced it as high as he possibly could and i decided that i was gonna catch it. so i was right under this ball as it was in the air than all of a suden i fell RIGHT ON MY FACE!!! As i was following the ball in the air i triped over a parking meter!! i looked and my dad and my grandpa were just laughing the at that time my mom and grandma were walking out of the resteraunt and thwy were all woried they kept asking me if i was ok which i was fine. I got up and i was soaked it had just got done raining i also had grease on me because it was obviously in a parking spot. As i got up i looked in the resteraunt windows to see all the people in there there laughing at me! I was so mad at them but then i got over it and realised that it was kind of funny.

Uploaded 09/21/2008
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