Remington Haircutters

So here at my house, we needed a new hair cutting instrument. Our older one had a chip in on of the cutting teeth, so bad in fact that the tooth is missing about 1/4 to 1/3 of itself. So we went and bought a Remington 20 piece hair cutter. And for a pretty good price too. We figured Remington was a good brand and it would be a good replacement... How wrong we truly were. With brand new blades, as it was itself brand new, it was extremely slow at cutting and just as painful if not more. Keep in mind, that, as I said earlier that this was brand new, never been used or opened since before leaving whatever factory it was shipped out from. But it was a new age torture device. It yanked and yanked and then finally cut. I will tell you that Remington hair cutters aren't worth the money or the pain. If it was, but a mere fraction worse, just the tiniest bit worse, I would have lost even more of my hair follicles, hell, I'd probably have a permanently bald spot. Keep in mind I am rather sure I lost plenty as is. My one comfort came when my mom switched to the older cutter. And guess what folks? It was faster, and smoother, no yanking or pulling whatsoever, and remember, it's missing a decent sized amount of one of the teeth of or near the cutting area. If anyone has had a similar experience, as far as Remington being lousy and just hurting like hell, please make note of it in comments, if however, you feel otherwise, you may comment as such. Obviously for those who feel otherwise have been luckier than myself or anyone else who may have gone through the pain of getting their hair cut by a Remington, and note, I am not mentioning any other Remington products, like an electric razor, because I have never and will never use one. I may have given one a try before I used this hair cutter, but now that I have used it, I will never try Remington again.

Uploaded 10/05/2008
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