Renditions of Reality entry 1

My journey from highschool in to college was something that I never experienced before.  Although the same thought process applied to punctuation and responsibility, I was now getting blow jobs and drinking upside down from a funnel.  People that I knew were more than willing to experiment with being able to get drunk upside down with a funnel in their ass aside from down there throat.  I could never imagine doing such a thing,  the days of being a child are over and I just turned 28 on May 1st 2012.  A new era... with a new home...  I could only imagine where life would take me since I turned 28.
But sure enough I am always so suprised by what comes.  Just like reading an exciting novel for the first time - new characters enter... such as a gentleman I met just a couple days ago.
I got off the subway at Finch station in Toronto and stopped to buy myself some street meat.  As I was making my way home, I ran into an old buddy whose sidekick appeared to be this tall white guy with slicked back black hair.
We ended up walking towards the everest college across the street and smoke a joint.  I found out not too long after that the backpack the sidekick was carrying was full of mushrooms... "sure lets take them" I suggested...
What an interesting walk home.  Made it to my area on Dewlane and was stopped by some people who knew me... I am not sure what I said, but im sure my actions were enough to indicate that maybe I should have just been left alone...
needless to say the outcome wasnt so great...
I ended up waking up in someone elses house when they werent home...   
hmmm I wonder if they have HBO... I think the show Shameless is starting... I realized I didnt recognize the people in the picture... I wasnt even in the wrong house that I thought I was in... It was someone elses house... infact it was in a different neighbourhood...  How the hell did I wind up on WIlson Ave...
Oh boy... what would my mother think of me

Tom Mestancik
Uploaded 05/07/2012
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