Republican lawmaker has his dick out at holy site!

Kevin Yoder is a Republican Rep. from Kansas.  Last August, while on a visit to Israel with a bunch of other Republicans and their families, he (and several other lawmakers) took off all their clothes and hopped into the Sea of Galilee (where Jesus supposedly walked on water).  Many of the 20 participants jumped in fully clothed or only partially disrobed.  What's worse is drinking alcohol was apparently involved.  He (and others) got officially rebuked from majority leader Eric Cantor.


You guys know me.  I'll jump at any chance to sling my feces at a politician, especially a Republican (lately).  But fuck this.  He wanted to get in the water, he didn't want to get his clothes wet, and he wasn't being exhibitionist.  It he was running around with a rock hard cock, humping on random people, I could understand his party's outrage.  But that's not what happened.  There was nobody else on the beach, it was late at night, and they didn't stay out for long.

This just goes to show how weird we, as Americans, are about nudity and sex.  I think the people who jumped in with all their clothes on were weirder than he was.  As Americans, most of us can't imagine a context where it would be appropriate to be nude in public.  If Yoder was from some European country, his party and constituents wouldn't give a damn.

I was at Disney World years ago without my kids (they weren't born yet).  This little German kid wanted to get into the dancing waters, but didn't want to walk around with his ass eating his drenched underwear for the rest of the day.  Unhesitating, he disrobed and ran bare assed through the water.

His parents didn't bat an eye, they just waited patiently, supervised their kid, smoked, and had an adult conversation.  American passerby were horrified.  "Oh my God, there's a little naked kid!"  If this little boy sprouted tentacles out of his face and started feasting on other children, he wouldn't have gotten more attention.

Maybe it's our Puritan and Quaker forefathers that are the problem, but we've got some huge hang ups here in the US.
Uploaded 08/21/2012
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