Response to Bo

Some people out there can't function. They were the ditzy blondes in high school, the rapper wanna-be who sucks balls, or the slut Sherry who really did suck balls in the locker room- they are going to be HORRIBLE parents. The thing is, it's always these people that breed like fucking rabbits.


You see, I really am starting to believe it's a natural selection thing. Morons seem to die out pretty quick due to stupidity and well, gravity. Therefore, to keep the species Moron alive, they must quickly replenish their losses. Why do frogs have a lot of tadpoles? Because only a few of them will reach adulthood. So, morons have 10 children because only 1 or 2 will make it to adulthood (thank god).


Most of us are attracted to our own kind. Whites with whites, Asians with Asians... so (unfortunately) morons tend to find and breed guessed it- morons.


It's really hard to make these people smarter. Some believe that a more extensive sexual education (or maybe just an education in general) would lead to less moron pregnancies. After all, if we can educate the fuckers, then they won't be total morons- maybe more like a half-breed. However, in regards to sexual education, I beg to differ. Most morons have an attention span of a goldfish- around 3-10 seconds. By the time you teach them about babies and STD's, they've forgotten all about it until they are 7 months into the pregnancy and they realize they hadn't gotten their period yet.


So, broken down, they thrive on basic animal instincts- to fuck. That's it. There's not higher moral dilemma. There's no responsibility. It's 'in the moment, I believe nothing will ever happen to me' mindset. So it is really a shock when we see these minivan soccer mom's acting like fucking morons? It's not to me anymore. Add a fucking Jesus fish to the back of the car with a 'Baby on Board' sign and you're all set. Do what I do. You see them coming, move the fuck out of the way. Saves you time, energy, and sanity.

Uploaded 05/03/2009
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