Response to MegaFail08

Let me clear things up for you, MegaFail08. I dont HAVE to pay for sex, I made the choice to have the lap dances, the dancer made the choice to take it further. It does help that the girl I got the dances from is a long time friend who i met in high school. Her and I have had sexual encounters plenty of times before in the past, this most recent encounter was her idea to begin with, she has always had that wild, and adventuress side. She wanted to have sex somewhere that if we got caught it would sure be memorable. She dances to help offset high costs at the gas pump and food costs, she can make 7-800 dollars a night dancing. As for me i live on my own in my three bedroom, two bath house, that i worked very hard to get and to maintain. I can get damn near any girl i want. I enjoy going to the strip club and talking with the gals and watching them do their thang. So MegaFail08 why don't you shut the fuck up.

Uploaded 05/14/2008
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