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Shylilazn you don't believe 9/11 was an inside job? Tower 7 collapsed due to an office fire? No steel building has ever done this, its physically impossible to melt steel from the heat of a mere office fire. Do you know about the Iraq war being nothing but a fucking scam to use our brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters to fight for their profits? You think we are liberating the people in these countries? This is why no one responds to you, because you come across as some gullible CNN watching shit-for-brains who believes everything that is reported "officially".

  1) legalise drugs (marijuana):It's not just druggies and losers. Cops, and judges are supporting the end of prohibition of marijuana. It's simply not a big enough threat to be costing us so much effort and money to imprison every damn kid who happens to smoke marijuana. Perhaps there was a time when it could have worked, but "solution" of prohibition is turning into a bigger problem. The United States has more people imprisoned than the next 3 countries' prison populations COMBINED.. We spend 70 BILLION per year on prisons in america (Bureau of Justice Statistics) and that is money that can't be spent elsewhere. Meaning instead of spending the money to provide a better educational system, we would rather just jail people who fuck up down the line.

 This video explains many reasons why drug prohibition is causing the problem to be worse. It would be better to let the video explain so that I can move on to the next point you brought up.
2) let small criminals out of prisons:I support this idea, again because we spend 70 billion per year to take care of inmates in America. You say that "rapists and theives will be out"; well I don't know about you but those are not small criminals. Small criminals are those who are in jail for nothing but possession of marijuana, or someone who is in jail for misdemeanors or less. Not rapists... Do you see why no one wants to debate with you? Because you really do miss the whole point. That why people give you the same response, because you're arguments are pathetic and we have no reason to respect it.
3) take the troops out of Iraq/other arab lands - You say we are wrong for wanting this, because we American's should help stop "criminal" tyrants and terrorists. Another short sighted argument. You sound like a naive soccer mom.. You think we are out there to "help" the other countries? Right... we will help them but only if we murder their leader, put in one of us to lead them, and then set up bases all throughout their country, and then completely destroy their culture and heritage so they can finally be civilized and watch Disney, and drink soda, eat McDonald's, and be on reality tv shows like us great civilized people. We have the RIGHT way to live huh? 

Sure there are some crazy tyrants in the middle east, but you know what? We have some even crazier motherfuckers in the white house. I would much rather have some arabs free US from our tryanical governement. You think Ghadafi was really hated by all his people? Most of his country loved him! He built houses for ALLLL citizens. He did not stop until everyone had a home, and he built his family's home last as a testament to show that he will put his people before his own family. He dug water wells for the first time in his country and they went from being a water poor to a water rich nation, and they even supply water to other countries. He was supported both by his people and but the US and NATO for decades! The reason NATO turned their back to Ghadafi was NOT because he was some rogue dictator. Its because he was starting to become a threat to the Federal Reserve system. He was attempting to escape and SAVE his country from the European debt cycle.What is the European debt cycle??

 It's economic warfare shylilazn, and it uses propaganda and needs to make someone become the enemy. Its better than real warfare because its super effective, and catches our victims off gaurd. Its basically the cheapest form of fighting (cheap as in taking a cheap shot).

BTW: In regards to Ghadafi trying to escape the Federal monetary system; The United States Federal Reserve ISN'T even Federal at all. Its private.. And its owned by companies who own the mass media, mass communications, hollywood, pharma companies, and of course big oil who own the debt in essentially all 3rd world countries. So just know are not defending what you think you are defending. Ron Paul wants to put and end to the lies and corruption. We don't even audit the Federal System. No one ever asks them why they decide to increase interest, or when and why they are injecting more money into the economy, and their records are not even open to the public. WTF?

 Economic warfare is all about us playing the good guys, and using the mass media which we own and control to say anyone we want is a terrorist, or evil dictator.

So to sum it up:
1) We want to take the troops out of war, because they are not there for PEACE, to uphold true justice, or even in our defense. They are their for someone's PROFIT. No matter how many humanitarian side jobs they do, they have 1 overall main objective and that is to be profitable to which ever mega corporation bids the highest. We should keep our soldiers to DEFEND THE CITIZENS, not to strong arm innocent people.

2) We want to let small criminals out of prison because we have a MAJOR prison problem and its costing us money, and not letting us invest that money in something useful like better education or better energy research.

3) We want to legalize marijuana because the prohibition of it causes more problems than it fixes. Read above as I have laid out everything you need to know. If I have left anything out please watch the short 4 minute videos I have included. 

If you still have questions or concerns let me know. This isn't about slamming you, its about showing you what you may have not seen before. I'm open to any counter arguements as well, I'm not here to be the "right no matter what". I just want to know the truth and I will gladly accept if I'm wrong if you can show me what is right. But if not then please consider what I have said with an open mind.


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