Response To The Party Pooper

This blog is a response to a message posted on my profile's wall. I accept any comment or opinion because it gives me the opportunity to give mine back on an equal basis. This is what was posted:


just because you're in the top usersdoesn't mean you'll get a feature,good job though!!! From what i'velearned on this site is that it is qualityover quantity. And don't forget that youwon't get points after 25 uploads

Ok. I didnt really expect to be in the top users but it seems it happened to me for the first time yesterday. Im not posting material desperate to get a feature. I really just to do it as a hobby and to read comments afterwards. Its more about the interraction with other users than a competion thing for me.

 Thank you for telling me I did a good job, I appreciate a positive comment. However, given the rest of what is writen it seems a bit condescanding but I will give you the benefit of the doubt on that one, just to be fair.

I agree that quality is more important than quantity so i dont feel pointed out in that remark. I didnt know you didnt get points after 25 uploads but then again thats not really relevant info for me since i dont plan on claiming any prizes when I have enough points in 2 or 3 years.

Anyways I see you on the top 5 users almost every day and you DID get featured if I remember correctly so you have nothing to be jealous about.

Now its time to smoke a big fat reefer. Have a good week end everyone

Uploaded 05/02/2009
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