Reverse blog

I have noticed (as have others) that the blog section has been kinda yawny lately. The rules state that you can't blog about blogging but they DON'T state that you can't blog about NOT blogging. HA!!!

Are we all having writer's block at the same time or is the end of the world coming? Yes I've been drinking again, so sue me bishes! I know that if I tried a REAL blog right now I'd just fuck it up so what's the point?

What happened to GIJoe, Garadain, SJG, Rednote, Deunan(HA!), Sparks, and several others. (If I left you out I'm sorry.)

I have been racking my brain for days about what to blog about......nothing. I could continue Admiral Slin but even I know that story sucked......sorry. I don't talk religion or politics and some of you do so I can't do that. I wasn't available for the last set of flash fiction stories but if Major wants to go another round maybe it will help me come up with something.

Hell, who knows, if I have a few more Crown & Cokes maybe I'll write some genius


Uninspired Deunan

Uploaded 10/25/2010
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