Riddle me this Christians.

So if we are to believe in the truth of Christ through the gospels, he is the son of God, was born on  25 of December, to a Virgin, he as a Carpenter, tempted into the desert, healed the sick and the blind, he was crucified, he was resurrected after three days and was the savior of humanity. So if we believe all of this as the as definitive proof of the existence of God as this is all the truth and irrefutable. As of course no other religion could claim such "miracles" as Christianity is the truth faith with a one true God.
         So if you actually made the effort and bothered to look at history in other cultures you may come across Krishna who was born a 1000 years before Christ, who was born of a virgin, baptized in a river. This is just coincidence right?
          Yet if you look a little bit deeper, Mithra born 25 of December, performed miracles, resurrected on the third day, known as the lamb, the truth and the messiah.  Yeah, this is totally another coincidence, Right?
     Well take a look at  the Egyptian book of the dead written in 1280 BC describes Horus who is the son of the God Osiris, born to a virgin mother, he was baptized in a river by Anup the baptizer, who was later beheaded.  Horus was tempted while alone in the desert. Healed the sick and the blind. Casted out demons, walked on water and raised Asar from the dead. Oh, and he had 12 disciples. Horus was crucified and after 2 days two women announced that Horus had risen from the dead and that he was the savior of humanity.
       Before you even think to comment on this take a look around on the net, as I have, I have read all of these and the bible, if you believe the writings of Christianity and the scriptures and gospels, how can you refute these from other ancient cultures, and how can you ignore the blatant plagiarism going on from the Christians coupled together with the theft of established beliefs in order to get a stranglehold on organised religion.

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