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Just in case you right wing people have forgotten how African Americans got to be in America in the first place, they did not come willingly they were brought as slaves, by your very ancestors, other bigoted right wing racists. They were only freed because a war was fought and thankfully won. The fact that black people are still referred to as African Americans is itself ridiculous, everyone who call themselves American does not have ancestors who can tie their genealogy to America, as no one save the Indians -I will not call them American Indians, as the land that was taken from them is theirs by right. But no other demographic is referred to as "German American" or "Irish American" they are referred to as American, it is stupid.
      That settled, it is always forgotten that crime in America is rife no matter the persons ethnicity, some of the most audacious crimes come from CEO's of companies stealing billions. But it always comes back to blame it on the black man, and it is getting so very old. From the days of the 1600's when slaves were first brought to the "New World" they have been used as a scapegoat, been persecuted or out right enslaved. 
     Crime is rife in areas across the world where unemployment are high and educational levers are low, where there are nil opportunities for people to succeed. Where are black families placed to live? where unemployment are high and educational levels are low, where there are nil opportunities for people to succeed. The governments have failed black families since the days before America was born as a country and have continued to alienate them up until this modern age. 
    The fact you have a black president will make no difference, what people fail to realize is that the president doesn't run the country, congress does, the president is merely a figurehead.  
Uploaded 07/25/2012
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