Rin Is Out Of Here

After a long history of humiliation, the fat fail troll Rin decided not to come back for more ass kicking. A group of Ebaumsworld users got fed up with her idiotic trolling, 1starring and thumbing down of people's comments from a hundred alts and joined forces to own her with something she never learned to use. By using our brains.
Remember how that fatso used to say she's slim and worked as a model? That ended when she went on cam on the site's live chat and people laughed at her for being chubby. The second place where she got humiliated is the blog section, which she trolled with her alts and whored for the actual bloggers' attention. It was then where she could spend 18 hours straight, replying to people's comments, not realizing they toyed with her for fun. She was soon called an unemployed fat dork with no life to which she replied with her usual whiny fantasies.
She apparently forgot that she used to spill her life story here, on the exact same site, many years ago.
According to Rin, she had a high end job. She never answered what it was. It must have felt humiliating for her when we used this account (Hotel_Manager) to reply to her comments, telling her to clean the shitters. She was shocked we've learned that she works as a cleaner. Her everyday visit here limited to a few comments and a blog being written from time to time. She usually commented from one of her many alts and still attacked the bloggers. Recently she declared that she's leaving the site. Unlikely how that sounds, she's probably too humiliated to use her Rin account, but it's also blatantly obvious when she's using an alt.
Perhaps she's busy cleaning the shitters.



Rin, so what was that about your modelling career? Explain how a cleaning lady is a high end job?
Uploaded 09/08/2012
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