RIP Megaupload - SOPA and other shit

Well, you can kiss megaupload goodbye - the FEDS have just shut down and arrested the CEOs of Megaupload.  To those who live under a rock, Megaupload was a file sharing site, one of the largest around.

Here are a few of the events that took place before Megaupload got shut down.

"Early 2011" - "The FBI contacted New Zealand Police in early 2011 with a request to assist with their investigation into the Mega Conspiracy." said Detective Inspector Grant Wormald of OFCANZ

28-OCT-2011 - MegaUpload labelled a 'rogue' site by MPAA.

09-DEC-2011 - MegaUpload releases a music video with RIAA artists endorsing MegaUpload.

10-DEC-2011 - UMG doesn't like the video. Has it removed from YouTube.

12-DEC-2011 - MegaUpload files suit against UMG on the grounds that UMG cannot remove the content as MegaUpload holds the copyright, not UMG.

16-DEC-2011 - UMG says "So what? We can take down whatever we want!" and "You can't touch us. This isn't DMCA. We didn't take it down because of copyright. We took it down because we can."

21-DEC-2011 - MegaUpload labelled a "rogue" site by the USTR.

28-DEC-2011 - MegaUpload wants an explaination from UMG.

19-JAN-2012 - MegaUpload shut down by Feds

20-JAN-2012 - New Zealand arrests in US led global copyright infringement investigation of and related sites.

Isn't a coincidence, that yesterday, many sites went black in protest of SOPA (talks start up again next month by the way) that they do this.  The FED said fuck it, don't need SOPA and shut the site down.  The FEDS pretty much said We don't care where you are, we will get you.  Hey assholes, what about all the CEOs of IG, Goldman Sachs and all those other fucking banks that bailed out to the tune of trillions - WHERE ARE THOSE ARRESTS?  I know those won't happen, because those companies contribute millions to politicians.

But yes, you could find illegal movies, games on megaupload - but shutting it down?  That would be like shutting down New York City, because there are lots of illegal drugs and firearms there. 

So now the US government can shut down legitimate businesses without any sort of warrant or provocation... I don't fucking get how this is anything within the remote universe of legality.

US laws now are global laws?  HEY US GOVERNMENT, SUCK MY LEFT NUTSACK.  (ya, I am slightly butthurt cause I had a couple more months left on my premium account - and fun fact, megaupload was about 4% of the internet bandwidth)

But as to SOPA, I know people are still going to protest it, but in my opinion, it is going to happen (don't believe Obama for two seconds, his puppet masters tell him to sign, he is going to sign) and there is nothing we can do about it.

But when the government shuts down the internet, you know its time to shut down the government.

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