Rise up

Why is it that people are so ready to attack one another just because they have different political viewpoints? I am starting to get sick and tired of this. We are all in this together people and whether you like it or not we need to stick together and come up with viable alternatives to our problems.

It does us no good to banter back and forth and claim the other side is evil and our side is good. I admit I have done my fair share of arguing politics but it is time to rise above it. Our country is going to shit right in front of our eyes and we are doing exactly what they want us to do. We are wasting our thoiughts and time fighting eachouther instead of fighting them.

It's not about Bush or Obama or any of that nonsence anymore. Bush is in the past and complaining about him now doesn't help us one bit. Let's live in the here and now and make some real changes that will make our lives better and the lives of our children better. We do have the power and it pains me when people comment about how a single individual can't make a difference.

Now I'm not saying we should start a revoulution or anything but think about the men and women that got fed up with their government and decided to do something about it. Those ideas started with a few and spread to many. The end result was our great nation and the greatest country the world has ever seen. We live in the information age and the need for violence is not necessary to obtain a better America. Our founding fathers set our country up in such a way that we have the power to make this country what we want of it.

We are letting these elite politicians run our lives and control us in ways that are down right wrong. We need to take the power back and elect people who have lived in the real world like you and I and get rid of these politicians who have never struggled to find a good job, or pay for their education, or provide the best life possible for their kids. Most of our politicians have no sense of reality when it comes things like the economy or healthcare or education because they lived privelaged lives in which money wasn't an issue like it is for us.

I am not condeming the wealthy, after all it is a goal for most people  to reach a point financially that they are secure and don't have to worry about those things. But I am saying that it is stupid of us to elect these people who have never lived with the majority of society and have no understanding of how hard it is to pay the mortgage, rent, or grociery bill. How can they possibly make the best decision for us if they don't even know how we live or in essence who we are?

We need to get rid of these career politicans and start electing fresh people so that the waters don't get stagnant and the disease that is corruption can't grow. It is up to you and me and I am ready for a change that doesn't involve putting us further into debt or taking our freedoms away. 

Let's stand together and take our America back before our politicans give it away.

Uploaded 11/18/2009
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