RJM Stalks Again!

This was for PoisonIV after she already rejected me...
"PoisonIV: Why are you still talking to me?"
It is my life's ambition to stalk you. 
(Or at least my half-hearted attempt to do
something to amuse myself on eBaums while
working long hours.)  You won't get away
that easily!

I am far too obsessive, impulsive,
delusional, and indulge way too much in the
Poison, if you will, of improvisational
relationships on the internet by pretending
to be better looking, funnier, younger,
smarter, stronger and richer than I actually
am, to let someone on eBaums reject me in
such a way that destroys my almost entirely
depleted self-confidence and therefore
ability to ever have a real-life
relationship with a human being of the
opposite gender who has any respect for me,
thereby denying me any chance to ever have a
meaningful relationship, healthy offspring,
and/or a faithful marriage.  In the meantime
I will prove, despite my complete lack of
emotional stability, I'm incredibly
focused and do not give up easily, and will
demonstrate my persistence by trying to
force friendships with your closest friends,
establish a frighteningly close relationship
with your mom, start showing up at your gym,
grocery store, book store, work,
boyfriend's apartment complex, OBGYN,
and occasionally even your bedroom window at
2:30 in the morning.

Therefore you must make a decision and
either make me your buddy, mostly out of
guilt in a shallow attempt to keep my
virtually non-existent dignity up to a level
where you falsely hope I might find a
girlfriend and forget about you, all the
while trying to distance yourself from me in
an awkward attempt to live your own life in
desperate desire of never seeing me again,
which will not happen...

Or file a restraining order."
...I was served today.
Uploaded 09/30/2008
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