RJM, The Plumber

Mari74 was looking for a plumber.  I offered my services...

Mari, Mari, quite the cherry,
How does the plumbing go?
My service sells, when I ring the bells,
As the lonely dame's all do know.

I can clean the pipes, and make the fittings right,
So your man will never know.
When he walks in I'll be gone by then,
But your plumbing will be aglow!

You'll be tickled pink, when I fix you're sink,
While working down below.
I'll work for free, and just wait, you'll see,
I'll be the only plumber you'll- ...know.

I'll work on your washer, in the shower, or in the pool,
Anywhere you like is where I'll go.
I'll fix what's wrong, with my 10-inch- ...uh, ...long,
Wrench that I always keep in tow.

Don't you dwell, my clientele,
On plumbers past, so long ago.
I treat you right, so you can sleep at night,
Knowing your plumbing was worked by a pro.

So you have my card, and when the water's hard,
Call me or just say hello.
I'm on call all day, and as I like to say,
Always call:

RJM, Plumbing Co.

Uploaded 11/17/2008
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