Ron Paul '12!!!

   Over the past few months, many of you have written your opinions of some of the candidates for the upcoming Presidential election. While I applaud your interest, I do have a few questions for some of you.
   To those who support Ron Paul: Can you give me a brief, concise overview of what you think Mr. Paul can do as a Republican President that either Obama or the other Republican candidates cannot?
   I ask this because I see Paul a little differently, I suspect, than many of you do.
   What about the more likely candidates, Romney and Gingrich? I have numerous reasons not to like either of these candidates, but I don't want to taint this blog with my personal opinion, at least until after the comments start.
   For the record, the title of this blog is sarcastic. I do not support Ron Paul, and I will not vote for him in November. Not that I feel it's likely I would have that option, anyway.
   I want to hear what everyone thinks about all the candidates. If you have the intellectual ability (That excludes you, Neko and Ryan) try to write one sentence (either pro or con) regarding each of the five candidates.
   I'm curious, because I want to see if anyone shares my opinion, or is even on the same page. No, I don't think I'm necessarily 'right', but I do have pretty strong feelings based on fact, or what I perceive to be fact.
  Thanks for your time, begin acting like the shit-throwing monkeys that some of you are.
  And as always, Have a Great Day!
Uploaded 01/27/2012
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