Ron Paul Gets Owned Like A Bitch

There's a theory saying that you have to be stoned to understand what Ron Paul is about, but I'm not a pot head, so all I hear from this ignorant old man is nonsense bull shit. The best proof that my words are true is this short clip below where Ron Paul, when he was asked a simple question, tries to talk his way out of the answer he doesn't know, like a dumb ass freshman trying to pass an exam he didn't study for by flooding the professor with word diarrhea in hopes that something he says will give an impression he knows what he's talking about.

 The best part of the clip is when Ron Paul is publicly humiliated by the host. I have to admit, it is hilarious, but it's also pathetic that a man like Paul managed to even get to the media and be part of a debate along with actual politicians. Apparently Ron Paul would prefer the soldiers to come home and work at the border, shooting illegal immigrants so that their children can't go to a hospital in the United States. When you listen to his rants, it's obvious why he's supporting the legalisation of drugs. 

Uploaded 08/18/2012
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