Ron Paul Voters And Other Wussy Pacifists Are Murderers

Being a sociologist and political dispute guru on Ebaum's World, it is in my duty to state my opinion on the current actions in Syria. I'm sure that soon you'll have the wimpy hippie idiots whining about how the US president is pro war and shit. I guess there's more and more idiots who don't even realise that George W. Bush is a hero and he saved many lives with his decision to invade Iraq.

As many already know, there's no such thing as peace. It's only a concept. An abstract one. Like you can imagine the concept of infinity and even apply it in mathematic equations, but you can't imagine infinity. If there would be peace, there would be no weapons and nothing to defend yourself with. Any butt hurt tyrant could then form an army and terrorise the weak (namely: the peaceful). Watch Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone and that black actor and you'll know what I mean.

That's the world order. But who is the actual villain here? The Ron Paul supporters, for example. Surprised? Then look at the facts. They whine about trillions of dollars being spent on the war, but never stop to think about WHY they were spent. Oil? Where's the oil, then? Don't be a dumb ass and think for yourself. Islamists are the scum of the civilised world. We, the normal people, tolerate them, because that's how we roll - we need to treat them as equal, even though we know they are trash. That is one of the reasons we are humans and they are animals - we are civilised, they are savages. They kill and don't value life nor do they know the meaning of the word "honor." They would kill innocents, if it would bring them closer to their goals. That's why the Hero, George W. Bush sent armies to save the planet from these worms. And the whole civilised world should be grateful to him. But the reality is...

Lots of people like to use the weak-minded for their propaganda to get elected. The king of the ignoramus, Ron Paul, is the master of deceit. He plays the role of the just candidate. He wants to give more money to the citizens - by taking the troops out of Arab lands. So the soldiers are unemployed and the Arabs are left to themselves, allowed to build bombs and prepare to attack civilised countries, like Israel. Great thinking, Ron. But wait, isn't he the same candidate that wants to release people from prisons because they cost the tax payers so much? Soon you'll have more drug dealers, pedophiles and rapists living near you because uncle Ron Paul was so nice to let them out. Don't forget the dealers won't sell you marijuana - you'll be able to buy that in Wall Mart (much cheaper than ever!). Paul wants to legalise it. The petty dealers are gonna have to switch to cocaine and similar stuff to support their families.

I would like to teach the pacifists/hippies/idiots who say that US soldiers died in vain in Arab lands a word they probably never heard before, or they don't know its meaning. That word is GLORY. It was very popular ages ago, when knights dreamed of dying on the battle field, covering their family name in glory. Not in their beds at the age of 90. With their sword in their hands, fighting for justice.

The whiny idiots who say the war was pointless stain the glory of the people who fought for the civilised world. They don't realise that their stance and opinion put a lot of influence on the ridiculous anti-war propaganda. If people decide to take the troops out of Iraq and the result of this will be some terrorists blowing away thousands of lives - their blood is on YOUR hands. Because you were too stupid to realise you've been maimed into thinking not doing anything and keeping your money was right. Your greed and stupidity might lead to people electing the wrong man. A mad man. Someone who dreams of an utopia and doesn't know nothing about how the world works. Another thing is - don't say the soldiers fought there for nothing. You take away their glory by saying their goals were pointless. The only thing you do this way is act like an ungrateful piece of shit. It's easy to judge when you live in a safe country, sitting on your ass and eating donuts when others fight for you. But you don't realise it's thanks to brave soldiers that you have the privilege of living in a safe country - the poor cavemen in Arabia aren't that lucky and they have to endure the rule of some mad religious fanatics. You should be proud George W. Bush had the guts to help them, ironically, you support the terrorists without even knowing.

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