Rosa Parks is Obama's Real Mother!

There certainly has been a lot of controversy regarding President Obama's roots. For the US President's background to be obscure and not fully understood by the electorate is a rather strange phenomenon. Of course, actions carried out by himself and his office have only exacerbated  the problem. 

To confirm Obama's true identity will require proof positive and solid evidence. I have found that. It was difficult to see at first, because it was always right there in front of us, hidden by it's overtness.
Yes, Rosa Parks and her lesser known husband Raymond Parks are Obama's mamma and pappa and I have solid irrefutable proof. Watch the following vintage film clip of Rosa Parks and especially her husband and tell me they aren't Obama's real parents. 

Is it any wonder why Obama is a trade unionist and socialist, now that you know his real gene pool?

The Real Rosa Parks  And Obama Side by Side.rosa-parks1.jpg barack-obama.jpg?w=500

Raymond Parks, (sorry for the bad copy, but photos for this guy are almost non-existent and the ones that are are pretty bad). I wonder why?char_raymond.jpg 
Do I need more proof? I think not. Why has this been hidden from the American public? Spread the truth. It's time the people knew who this man that sits in the White House is!
Uploaded 07/15/2012
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