Royal Robbery

I could have given a rat's ass about the royal wedding that will be televised for many days to come but yesterday, sigh, I did tune in.  All I can say is that was one of the most arrogant, frivolous events my eyes have ever beheld.  Come on, folks, a wedding costing upwards in the 50 million dollar range?  So much for the couple being "green"...and by the way many tons of trees were moved in for the event at Kate's request.

 Let's go over a few costly items, shall we?  A slice a cake averaging over 100 dollars per slice.  Hope it had the loins of Christ in it, for God's sake.  Her wedding dress was 200,000 dollars alone.  It was nice but I think she got ripped off.  It was not that fucking spectacular.   Hotel rooms were upwards to 30,000 for two nights.  Sorry folks but  do you really need a room big enough to land a plane in?  The weekend has many events.  They probably didn't even have meals included in this.  Probably just complimentary baskets of fruit, pastries, and of course, tea.  Security really cashed in on this event.  Supposedly, almost half of the cost was to pay people to watch the events closely.  It was very pubic.  With a half million people milling around, how many people do you think they hired? 

These are just a few of my observatory notices.  There are many more.  The point is, there are people a few streets away and around the corner in fear of losing their jobs and homes.  You have an event like this happen and wonder what the true state of a country is with outdated principles.  They make money off us poor folks and still relish the prizes that pirates brought them years ago.  Makes me feel like I am sitting on a bigger fortune.......
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