Rules for modern dating

As you all know i create a set of rules and write them here on ebw.  the one topic i wanted to get to is dating.  everyone knows the old routine dinner movies and then maybe a make out session.  After months of dating my current girl, who became my wife last year i decided to write up a few simple rules for the modern age of dating.

1.  chivalry is not dead.  no matter how much a woman tells you she's independent and a feminist they all enjoy a simple act of chivalry.  from opening the car door, to pulling out the seat for them.  ladies don't lie, you like this.

2.  If she offers to pay seriously consider it.  if you have a two part date planned let her cover one of the things.  Personally my wife has paid for every movie we have seen at the theatre.  why? cause she likes to.  Also it shows that as a guy you have no problem letting the girl have control.  just make sure you're paying the more expensive tab.

3.  don't expect a make out session on the first date, and don't try and push it.  you may come off as a creep, or insult her.  if the girl however offers, or initiates go for it by all means.  this isn't the 1920's.  Ladies don't think the guys will always make the first moves either.  the general media of our age has led to something we like to call anxiety, and a first date is rife with it.

4.  Guys always bring a condom.  you never know, she may want sex on the first date.

5.  guys if you say you're going to call her, then actually call her.  don't lie.  if you're never going to see her again tell her.  in this age a hate filled explaination of your horrible date is a point and click away.

6.  if the date is going south just ride it out.  enjoy yourself.  if you know it's not going anywhere than who the fuck cares right? 
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