Rules to Die By

Rule Number 1

Follow Your Heart: No matter where it takes you or where you think you want to go, drown out all the input from everything else and think, where do i feel as though i should go with my life. If that means letting go of friends, or adding new ones; or telling someone you're not going to listen to them. Anything, as long as you make sure everything in your life, from this point on, is a result of giving your heart what it wants.

Rule Number 2

Risk Assessment: Don't be stupid. Look at all the possible consequences of your actions, and make your decisions based on logic. If you risk it all and lose it all, you have only yourself to blame, at least this way you will be conscious of it before you do that, hopefully preventing you some heartache in the future. Still, however, make sure that the decisions you make are made to make your heart happy. Make extremely logic based decisions, to get your heart what it desires.

Rule Number 3

Go With the Flow: Be like water in the way you absorb the shock of a blow. When you drop a brick on concrete, the concrete cracks and breaks, when you drop a brick in water, the water conforms to the brick and continues flowing exactly as it was, moments later it is placid again. When something goes horribly wrong, keep your cool, and just let your emotions flow from you, calm yourself down, and proceed with a level head. When you spend less time dealing with the emotions and the stress of the upset, you can spend more time on your ultimate goal, fulfilling your heart. You will be easier to be around and you will be genuinely happy. You just need to realize that no matter how angry you get, there is a before, and an after all the same, someone who can see past what is immediately in front of them, can better navigate themselves on the long road ahead. If something shakes you up now, or throws you off course, you should wait and look for every opportunity downstream to get you back on track.

Rule Number 4

Suck It Up: Its NOT that fucking bad. Just deal with it because no one wants to hear you whine, if you are not dead then its not something to complain about. It builds character to be able to unrelentingly persevere blow after blow, it also ensures that you get where you are going despite the small interferences. Of course this is more the physical reaction to turmoil. For the emotional one you need to look at rule number 3. Rule 3 and 4 basically have the same premise though, the philosophy of suck it up and move on. Whether or not you dwell on something is not going to change the fact that it happened. No matter how upset you get nothing changes. Moving on immediately after a huge loss ensures a quicker payout. For example someone dies, of course you can get upset, however do let it slow you down. No matter how long you sulk, the person will still be dead then, no use in worrying or dwelling over things out of your control. That is why you should be looking downstream to find an opportunity to grab hold of something you can control that helps you with fulfilling your hearts needs.

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