Ruminations on Baseball

I hear it all the time. "Go Red Sox" or "Go Yankees." I must agree with both statements. Go Red Sox and Go Yankees. Go far, far away. I have been thoroughly exposed to the resounding sentiment that exists amongst people in the Northeast that the world revolves around them. New York is the center of the world, Boston is the birthplace of the nation. This idea of regional superiority translates into the baseball world. The teams are that much better than any others, and they are a great source of pride. Bullshit.

The Yankees have a payroll of 209 million dollars. That is ten times more than the Marlin's payroll. You should be better than them. And you are. By three games.

While Boston spends much less, they are still the 4th highest payroll in the MLB. But they do manage to rank 2nd in terms of the most annoying fans.

Perhaps fans of both teams should stop to consider some objective facts. The likelihood that either Boston or New York will win it all this year is very low. The Rays, the Cubs, The Brewers, the Angels, or any one of a number of other teams are at least at even money against the Sox or the Yanks. While you bellow your bullshit at the top of your lungs to anyone that will listen, consider one last fact.

The New York Yankees have a payroll of 209 million dollars. The Legal Aid Society, which represents poor people in New York City, including most of the criminal defendants has a payroll of 172 million dollars. So as you bitch and moan about missing the playoffs, as you bullshit with Boston about which of your shitty teams the rest of the country should care less about, you should realise that you are contributing to a very important statement. Your city cares more about a fucking baseball team than it cares about providing constitutionality to the legal system. You would rather have baseball wins than actual trials. So as hundreds of thousands of people are herded like cattle through your courts without legal representation, you can drink a beer and say fuck the sox. And you wonder why the rest of the country thinks you are douches.

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