S.O.P.A. Makes Fart Sound

S.O.P.A.  ....Some Old Pussies Agendas, Serving Our Priorities Asswipes, Suck On Penis America, call it what you want. Chalk another one up to big brother and their corporate driven "$8 billion isn't enough, I want $9  billion" approach on life. Black Friday beatings, occupy everywhere, 20 year old kids getting pepper sprayed while sitting Indian style, and these pathetic ass clowns are pissed about people downloading a song or two for free that was made by a talentless douche that wouldn't have sold a record anyway because their music sucks! If they had real talent, they would develop a following and play venues instead of relying on lame radio stations to pollute our ears with trash. Fuck you Metallica! You started  all this bullshit years ago after you stopped having talent. Do everyone a favor, sodomize yourselves on the lawn at the capital building before you kill yourselves dead for your atrocities committed against all of man kinds ears for everything after the Black Album, which you feel entitled $millions$. If it wasn't for so called artists like this, people could share media without being felons in this country. Thanks a bunch you greedy jerkoffs.........My apologies to anyone offended by the profanity, but I'm drunk and pissed and these dental dam wearers deserve it........P.S. Megadeath was better anyway.
Uploaded 11/26/2011
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