Sarah Palin

It amazes me how the Dems try to make Sarah out to be some dumbshit women with no credibility. How can they sit there and say the things they do about how she doesn't know anything and has no understanding of anything? It's a funny double standard because where did Obama come from? How is he qualified? Does he have a true understanding of the constitution and what this country was founded upon?


It's really quite simple. The Dems are afraid of her because she is the complete opposite of what they stand for and they know that the people relate to her and respect her ability to make decisions based on her own experiences and beleif structure. See the Dems will flip flop every which way they can just to get those couple of extra votes to keep their lazy ass' in power. Sarah would rather tell it how it is and let the people decide. Hell she even resighned from Governor because she didn't want her state to suffer at the hands of stupid ass lawsuites and other garbage brought on by her intense media coverage. How many Dems have you seen step down at their own accord like that, or Repubs for that matter.


Sarah has a lot of the same traits Reagan did in that he knew the difference between right and wrong and he wouldn't back down from doing what he knew was right for our country. She would rather do what is right and lose than sell her soul to devil just for 4 years power and attention. I respect that and you people should too, even if you don't agree with her politics that is a comendable trait.

So what if she isn't the best public speaker or has the stage presence of someone like Obama. I don't give a rats ass because that isn't what is important. If that is what you base your political decisions on than you might as well tattoo retard on your forehead.


She is a strong succesful women with good morals and deserves more respect than what she is getting from the Dems. Just because you don't agree with her doesn't mean you have to be a complete douche and spread stupid rumors or attack her character or personall life.


On the same note, it's time to stop treating Obama like a rockstar. He hasn't done anything to deserve it and untill he does it is just retarded to follow someone so blindly with no substance behind it. I hope he does good, I really do but don't make the mistake of thinking he is special because he isn't. He is just another political puppet like Bush and the puppet master is still pulling all the strings.

Uploaded 12/01/2009
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