Satan is Good

Satan is good. By his very nature he is good. We are supposed to love Satan.


Do these statements sound like insanity? Of course they do. We've been tailored to believe that Satan is an evil being that is the sole purpose for evil in this world. But this is not the case.

My following statements are from a purely Catholic standpoint


What is Satan exactly? Satan is an angel. Fallen angel granted, but an angel all the same.And who made angels? God did. So inherently Satan is good. It's a strange concept but it's what is underhandedly taught by the Catholic Church. At least that's as far as to my knowledge. And we are supposed to love everything God has made as well, so Satan is one of those things made by god.


        You may be saying to yourself "But thegodlyone, Satan is the reason for evil in this world. He must be evil" Wrong-o my friend. This is actually the belief of an entirely separate religion, I forgot what it was though. If I remember I'll throw it in. The truth is that although God did not create evil, he created what would become evil. Our free will. It is us that creates evil and it is us that is punished by it. We shoot ourselves in the foot, if you will.

        You may be confused by my last statement and I completely agree with you. How he did not essentialy create evil by giving us free will remains unclear to me. The only thing I could muster from it was the usual "God knew what would happen so he could teach us to be better people." I hate that one with a passion.

        Now to my thoughts on Satan. There are two ways of looking at him. The first is Dante's look at it. In his book "Dante's Inferno" Satan is at the lowest level of hell, being tormented the most and is eternally encased in a block of ice. I like that view. That is the one I like even though I don't believe the original story on how Satan came to be "Fallen" in the first place. That story in a nutshell is God ruled, Satan didn't like it, satan tried to take power, was struck down. That thought of the devil works perfectly with the story of his fall. But that is for another blog completely.


The second is that Satan is a punisher of the wicked. My only argument is thus...wouldn't that make Satan good? If he is punishing the wicked, how could he be evil himself? It would be completely contradictory to his nature.


thegodlyone has spoken. Now discuss

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