Schedule I Chemicals (Drugs)

The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.

        -Taken from the United States Controlled Substances Act

So lets take a run through of the chemicals and substances under this act.

GHB (commonly known as "date rape"):  It used as an anesthetic in surgery, in fact it is also placed under Schedule III under the name Xyrem.

Cannabis (Marihuana):  In another blog I have already explained the medical uses of this drug, but for those unable to locate it I stated, "medical marihuana is used for various
reasons. For cancer patients it is used
to treat nausea from chemotherapy and
pain killers they are given. It is also
given to them for their lack of
appetite, which also means it is given
to anorexic patients and patients on
medicine that slow their appetite. It is
recently being tested on mental patients
with bi-polar and schizophrenia with
wonderful results."

DMT: DMT is a unique chemical as it is found in every living plant and animal.  In fact it is what creates our dreams as we enter the R.E.M. sleep stage.

Heroin: At one point this drug was sold over the counter as a pain killer.  In fact the name itself is trademarked by Bayer.  Sure we have alternatives for it now that do not contain opium, but millions of people are prescribed ridiculous amounts of opiates.  Myself for example; when I had my wisdom teeth removed I was prescribed 1000mg tablets of hydrocodone.  I used half the actual bottle for pain, and I was curious if they even bothered giving me any refills.  The original bottle actually said "6" in the refill section.  I shat bricks and instantly understood why people become addicted to opiates.

MDxx (Ecstasy) (MDMA, MDA, MDEA, ect. under the Analogue Act):  Originally under Schedule III due to it's usage in mental health for Post-Traumatic Stress patients and for therapy with relationships falling apart (lulz at the latter).  It is now being tested with patients with Parkinson's Disease (I bet Michael J. Fox is stoked... okay that was bad). 

Psilocybin (the main ingredient in Psychedelic Mushrooms):  This is a funny one, and no not because it makes you laugh your ass off, it naturally grows all over the United States.  What's I also find funny is that the actual spores are not illegal (due to the fact they do not contain psilocybin), so it is legal to purchase spores. 

5-MeO-DIPT:  I do not know much of this chemical, but from my research it seems as that it is somewhat similar to the MDxx chemicals.

LSD (Acid): Mr. Hoffmann's "problem child."  At one point it was perfectly legal, and in fact the CIA used it for many experiments under their MKUltra tests.  I won't bore you, but I will say research it.   In the medical field it has been used for treating alcoholism and other addictions, cluster headaches, and has been useful in treating bipolar, schizophrenia, autism, and many other mental disorders.  Shortly before it's created died (at the age of 102) he was studying it effects on cancer patients. 

Peyote:  A unique item to the list as it is legal to some Native Americans.
         Mescaline:  The main chemical in peyote and similar cacti.  Again how can something be illegal when it grows naturally without even being planted.

Methaqualone (Quaalude, Sopor, Mandrax):  A sedative that is very similar to barbituates.  They are very rarely in existence, and I have no personal input on them.

DOx (DOB, DOI, DOM, etc.) Somewhat similar to MDxx and LSD.  I have heard reports of the trip lasting as long as 14-20 hours.  I can honestly say I agree with it's legality status.  Especially due to the fact that people sell it as LSD and then when the user is expecting the time frame of trip to stop, it continues and intensifies due to their panic.

THG: an alternative to steroids.  It was used due to the fact that it was not detectable under steroid testings.  Well no shit, it wasn't the same chemical.  Keep it illegal.  No more input from me on this.

2Cx (2CI, 2CB, 2CE, 2C-T-2, etc.)  Very similar to MDxx, more specifically MDA due to it being a mild hallucinogen.  I have no real input, other than they are interesting and have a very short duration.

ketoamphetamine: Obviously it is an amphetamine, which makes it similar to methamphetmine.  An interesting fact is that a similar chemical to ketoamphetmine is used as an anti-depressant.  Even more interesting is for those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, look at your prescription, that's right methamphetamine. 

AMT: Once used as an anti-depressant in the Soviet Union.  It is now illegal under the Analogue Act, due to it's similarities to DMT

Bufotenin (the infamous Toad Venom):  I actually know someone who has legally purchased the toad that these come from.  I have also seen websites that sell said toads, even as pairs for your own mating purposes.  The chemical it self is very similar to DMT.

BZP:  Has similar effects as MDxx and is ten times less potent than other amphetamines, however it mistakenly was said to be 10 times more addictive than other amphetamines.  So... they lied about it, stated they lied about, and continued with their stand without re-evaluating it.

Dextromethorphan (DXM):  A dissociative chemical (much like PCP, and I find it interesting that PCP is Schedule II) found in cough medicine as a cough suppressant.  Many kids use this for recreation due it being on many shelves in stores.  It has become more difficult due to it being placed behind the counter, although it is still obtained without a prescription.  I highly advocate the legality of DXM.  Dissociative chemicals are extremely dangerous and completely fuck up your central nervous system.


For the most part Schedule I should be completely abolished.  Not saying all these chemicals should be legalized, I am just stating that for the most part they DO have medicinal purposes.

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