Scott Peterson

Now here is a good one, I happen to catch a little on about Scott Peterson blogging while in prison, and laci's parents are all mad because he's getting a chance to express the way he feels and he still claims he's inocent.  So I gooled and found his blog site and it was acaully very interesting.

Well I followed the story when it first broke on the news and I still have not had any doubt that Scott Peterson DID NOT kill there is a link to the Peterson's site that shows evidence that goes against the detectives that was in charge and everything and now thats just made me think that he really is inocent.  It even has Scott's address and you can write him if you wanted to...I think I am going to write him and see if I get a reply..I will tell him about Ebaumsworld lol

Anyway does anyone else share my opinion that he DID NOT kill Laci??  There is just something about it, I think I am good judge of character so thats just me, what about you?

Uploaded 07/18/2008
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