Screw You Applebee's and Pastor Alois Bell

I don't like to do 2 blogs in one day partly because I am busy doing sex to ladies and partly because I am American and I ride a black stallion to the mall with my 57 credit cards but I have a 75 year mortgage on a 175,000 dollar house.
Here I am on the way to the mall. I don't know who the lady is but we did sex on the way.

Anyway enough funny business. I am outraged by the recent decision made by Applebees to fire a young waitress for posting a receipt of a credit card with a message from a pastor.
This "pastor's" name is Alois Bell. She writes, and I quote, "I give God 10%, Why do you get 18%?". Now this "pastor" came in and dined at Applebees with about 19 of her aquaintences and there was an automatic gratuity for parties of 8 or larger. Common doings these days. This has been happening for years. Maybe Alois has only dined out at church functions with their fancy bean suppers and spaghetti dinners for the last 20 years, I don't know.
Looks like a blast. Let me get this straight, Alois, you cook a bunch of dinner for a bunch of people and then tip God 10%? Does God pay taxes on those tips?
Yeah that makes sense. Anyway to make matters worse Alois's receipt went viral and she got very embarrassed. So she called and complained to Applebees. She said this incident has destroyed her image amongst her congregation and ministry. As it should. So what does Applebees do? They tell Alois to fuck off and demand she resign from anything to do with church. Not Quite. Applebees fires the young waitress, who I am sure would have sexy time with me, because it is an invasion of privacy and because they have no balls. The customer is always right.
Ha. They are not. They are hardly ever right. Who ever made up this saying had their balls amputated very early in life and probably still suckles from mommys ninny.
Ok back to the topic, So alois gets embarrassed and calls and complains on Chelsea who then gets fired. Obviously Alois is showing us the forgiveness part of her "ministry" being a "pastor". Let me ask you a question Alois,
I will tell you what he wouldn't do. He wouldn't eat at a shitty restaurant like Applebees. He makes water into wine for christs sake. He also would give that waitress the bast tip of all, immaculate conception, Then she would get benefits and maternity leave. So thank you for raising the unemployment rate, Alois.
Uploaded 01/31/2013
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