Screw you.................

What the hell is going on here. This used to be a place you could come on and argue politics and talk about your day and people would listen to your crap and then insult you in some funny good natured way. Now this is just my take on things.....Eshel enters the picture and tells people how to cheat ebaums and now the damn site is glitched and shaky. I have asked around to some of the people who helped build this blog section. I wanted their opinion because for a lot of us that is what we come on here for. There is a consensus that the site has taken a turn for the worse, are you happy eshel? You see little boy you dont scare me with your threats about spamming or anything else. I concede you know more about computers than I and you can screw up a perfectly good outlet for people and does that do it for you? Get out of your parents basement and go find a woman. It is not hard to see that you need a woman because if you had one you certainly would not spend so much time on here screwing with a man's business. I just wanted to say my piece before you come down on me with your crap. You cannot out me you cannot touch me in my life because I AM A GHOST and one day real soon I will haunt you. Lets just say for the sake of an argument you can aggravate me enough to get me to leave this site. I will just go into the next room and crawl into bed with a woman, one day in a galaxy far far away you might get to do that. But first move out of your parents basement.


I am done with you myself I will ignore your crap and anything you put out there and I advise others to do the same! I am finished now so you or your cronies can attack me for my age or my grammar and spelling and it's all true....all of it but it still doesnt change the fact that you are a bully and a piece of shit.

Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 09/21/2008
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