Scrupless The Game of Immoral Justification

We're going to play another of my delightful games. We're going to take turns naming every thing that this culture finds immoral that we have no personal problem with, and explain why if you would. Naturally I'll go first.




I don't honestly see the problem. I don't mean killing somone and eating them, which is still fine if you're really hungry, I mean if they're already dead what the fuck? I don't know why you would hesitate. What is the moral problem with eating other humans? When I was reading The Road I spent the whole book disgusted with the protagonists, I thought they were highly pathetic and unwilling to adapt.



I do NOT condone sex with minors or rape of any kind. If two consenting adults want to hump, I haven't the slightest problem. I would like it if they didn't reproduce if it's going on for several generations though.



Now I am an advocate for animal rights, but we all know when sex with an animal is or isn't abuse. If the animal likes it, then go ahead. I couldn't care less.



violent acts are a mandate of existing. All life requires death. Some death requires violence. It isn't all malicious, and I have no problem with it in and of itself.


Anti Charity:

Yes that's right, I am anti charity. Not in the whiny republican way, but in the practical if you feed people they breed more kind of way. eco systems stablize themselves, including those with humans, if you just leave it alone. You cause less suffering ultimately by not getting involved.



This one is going to earn me the most hatred, but you must hear my reasoning. I don't think potential makes a diference in the value of a life. I feel like it is what it is. A child below a certain age doesn't reason or suffer the way an older child or an adult does, thier life doesn't mean much to them and if it doesn't mean much to anyone else then don't waste the resources. You're only hurting yourself, no one minds being dead. Beyoind hurting yourself, you wouldn't hesitate to kill an insect or a small animal if you really needed to would you? To me it's the same thing because it's the same amount of suffering. If you value life so much you wouldn't hurt animals with lower sentience then more power to you, I just don't play favorites.


Overall it must be clear that I simply don't find humans to be special. I am entirely honest with myself about empathy, if that I cannot feel any for anyone outside of a small circle I call my tribe. The thing about that is neither can anyone else. You aren't designed to. I am honest about what I feel, which is nothing for most of the world. If it didn't contradict the resource needs of myself or anyone else I care about, then on principle I would say it's better to do no harm. The other thing that must be clear is that I have no yuck factor. If it hurts no one, I don't honestly care. I have a situational idea of what is harm, and I do not accept what is visibly harm to be so.

I fully expect a great deal of the comments here to be hatred, but try to play my game if you would.

Uploaded 07/15/2010
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