scrupless the game of immoral questions

I have been thinking of a few inapropriate questions related to trends I've seen in human thought, so I figured I'd ask here, given the low brow atmosphere anyway.

It seems to me there is a couple of trends in fantasies for women, so I'd like only the women to anser this one. the trends are as I've noticed them that most women fantasize about men lacking features, or women I'm not here to judge. Just a shadow or a figure, no one in particular, while men fantasize about a particular person. The second trend I noticed is that something around nine out of every ten women have a rape fantasy. being raped not comitting it. this isn't to say anyone wants to be raped in real life, it's more like a guilt thing. society places alot of pressure and guilt to women in thier desires for sexual gratification in a way that it isn't placed on men. in this situation women desire brutal passionate guilt free sex, only in thier midns of course. So if any girls would like to be honest, this true also?

The next trend I noticed is in morality. more men seem to have no problem with incest then women. It seems to be mostly women that feel incest is wrong. not to say many men don't. but putting the science of biodiversity aside for a moment, I just want to hear your answer from the gross factor. is incest wrong? and your gender so I can compare.

The last question is just for my amusement. If you had to comitt beasiality with one animal, what sort of animal would you choose. remeber, you have to do it, so don't give me your moral outrage. I've noticed a trend here in that I most often get one of two answers, and women are more likely to actually give me an answer.

that's all. I would ask you to take this seriously, but look who I'm talking to.

Uploaded 12/16/2008
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